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Illucidx Inc.

Exploring novel solutions to diagnose infectious diseases

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada we hope to enable broad access to the technology of ultra-sensitive diagnostics tools for settings across the globe.

Our goals

Illucidx's number one priority is to provide solutions that can positively affect clinical and patient outcomes.


We are committed to developing tools for developed countries and prioritize the need for ultra-sensitive diagnostic options that can be realistically deployed in low and middle-income countries. This translates to developing tests that are robust, field deployable, and economically feasible.

Gender Equality Statement

A founding value at Illucidx is to provide equal opportunity and a workplace that represents the wider community in which we operate. We are committed to nurturing great talent, regardless of gender. While Illucidx's gender ratios currently reflect the cultural norms across the industry, we remain committed to work towards equal opportunities for all genders and promote diversity within this company and beyond.

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