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Diagnostic Solutions for Various Pathogens

Ultra-sensitive, rapid, dynamic, and customizable pathogen detection.


Developing new ultra-sensitive diagnostics to address the needs of low and middle-income countries.

sars-cov-2 virus

Responding to the global need for more high through-put laboratory and point-of-care diagnostic solutions.

Detecting organisms like Influenza, RSV, Group A Streptococcus, STIs, and AMR.

We endeavour to enable access to diagnostic technologies across the globe to improve patient outcomes

Implementation Solutions

High Throughput Diagnostic Chemistry
  • Illucidx can offer a simpler and cheaper alternative to PCR with a comparable level of detection.

  • Provide primers, reagents, and consulting to help your lab use commonly available diagnostic laboratory equipment to run isothermal pathogen detection tests.

  • This is particularly relevant as our chemistry does not use many of the qPCR reagents that are subject to supply chain shortages 

Near-Patient & Point-of-Care Testing
  • Illucidx is developing rapid diagnostics that can be taken into the field and to near-patient applications.

  • Can be performed anywhere without the need for a laboratory or expensive equipment. 

  • COVID-19 SALIVA LAMP is pending Health Canada approval.

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Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada we hope to enable broad access to ultra-sensitive diagnostics tools for settings across the globe. Our first priority is, and will always remain, to improve clinical outcomes.

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